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Multiple training classes and certification exams 

2007 12/07 Computer Measurement Group Conference 11/07 TOGAF Class 10/07 pSeries Technical University 06/07 UKCMG 06/07 Vanguard Security Conference 04/07 pSeries SE training (internal) 03/07 Storage sales academy 2006 12/06 Computer Measurement Group Conference 11/06 Q1375 Virtualization Performance Management 09/06 pSeries Technical University 08/06 Share 05/06 ITIL Foundations Class 03/06 Share 2005 12/05 Computer Measurement Group Conference 09/05 pSeries Technical University 08/05 Share and Userblue 07/05 iSeries Sales Training 07/05 pSeries Technical Training 05/05 UKCMG 03/05 Userblue and COmmon 02/05 Share 2004 12/04 Computer Measurement Group Conference 09/04 pSeries Technical University 08/04 Userblue and Share 05/04 UKCMG 03/04 HTCIA Chicago 2 day conference 02/26 Share in Long Beach 2003 12/06 CMG2003 in Dallas 10/27 QL300 Redhat Certified Engineer Class 10/06 QL253 Redhat Networking 09/20 Pseries Technical University 08/24 IBM Secureworld 08/19 HTCIA Midwest 2 day conference 08/09 Userblue and Share in Washington DC 07/28 IBM Storage Symposium 07/13 Vanguard Security Conference 06/21 Vmware ESX Server Training 04/28 Q1371 eServer AIX CSM Administration 03/10 Q1318 AIX 5l Performance Tuning Class 02/22 Share Conference in Dallas, TX 02/10 Q1370 Pseries Lpar Class 01/21 QL133 Redhat Linux Systems Administration Advanced Professional Photography course at New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) 2002 12/02 CMG in Reno 9/02 Secureworld in Orlando 9/02 Using WebCT for creating web based curricula 9/02 Using Dreamweaver to manage web sites 8/02 Userblue and Share in San Francisco 5/02 UKCMG in Reading, UK 5/02 GBCMG in Boston Basic Professional Photography course at New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) 2001 12/01 CMG in Anaheim 10/01 Xephon Cybercrime Conference 8/01 Secureworld 7/01 Share in Minneapolis 6/01 CMG Italy in Rome 5/01 UKCMG in Edinburgh 2/01 Share in Long Beach 2000 12/00 CMG in Orlando 10/00 OS/390 Performance Expo 10/00 Connecticutt CMG 10/00 Secureworld 9/00 CMG Australia 7/00 Share in Boston 5/00 UKCMG in York, UK 5/00 CECMG in Berlin, Germany 4/00 Q1108 NIM Installation at Clam 3/00 Share in Ahaheim, CA 1/00 Internetcrimes Cybercrime Conference 1999 12/99 CMG99 in Reno, NV 11/99 ECrm (Directtalk) conference in Orlando, FL 10/99 OS/390 Performance Expo in Orlando, FL 8/99 Share in Anaheim,CA 6/99 UKCMG in York, UK 5/99 EuroCMG in Venice, Italy 4/99 SP2 Performance Tuning at Clam 2/99 AIX Performance Tuning at Clam 1998 12/98 CMG98 in Anaheim 10/98 OS/390 Expo & Performance Conference 10/98 DW360 Intelligent Miner class at Clam 10/98 Callpath & Directtalk Users Group Conference 9/98 Q1121 Korn shell programming at Clam in Boston 6/98 UKCMG98 5/98 Q1135 AIX v4 Internals at Clam in Boston 1997 11/97 Attended 5 day class Q1096 at Clam on SP Administration 10/97 Attended IBM's Callpath and DirectTalk User Group Conference 10/97 Attended IBM's S/390 Large System Expo and Performance Conference 8/97 Firewalls and Internet Security by Data Technical Institute (2 days) 6/97 Attended UK CMG (4 days) 6/97 IBM Hursley re Directtalk, Java and MQ 4/97 Directtalk Internals Class by IBM 4/97 Attended Central Europe CMG (4 days) 1996 GBCMG Board member and Web Master Board member of CMG National CMG National Web Master CMG96 Web Master Chair of MA DCE Users Group and Web Master 2/96 - Intensive Weekend Photography Class 5/96 - Speaking up for Women Class 6/96 - SUN User Group (2 days) 9/96 - CMGA - gave 1 workshop and 3 papers 11/96 - Connecticutt CMG - Paper on UNIX Performance 11/96 - IBM Hursley re Directtalk and MQ 12/96 - CMG96 - 2 workshops and 2 papers 1995 Days Mth Loc Class 1 Jan MA SL100 Operational Measurements Setup 3 Jan MA SL100 Operational Measurements Maintenance 5 Mar MA OEC DCE Tools Training 2 Nov MA Presentation Skills GBCMG Board member - secretary From Nov 1995 - Board member of CMG National CMG US '95 Conference Committee - Administrative Chair Chair of MA DCE Users Group Speaker on DCE at CAUSE95 (June 1) Speaker on DFSMS 1.2 at GUIDE (July 19) Speaker on DCE and BC at I3D (July 25) Speaker on "DCE, BC and You" for IBM Executive Briefing (August 24) Speaker on DCE Value at IBM ISV Meeting (October 6) Speaker on "DCE, Facts and Fiction" at IBM Top Gun Class (November 14) Speaker on "Managing Internet Services" at CMG95 (December) 1994 3 Mar NY Managing the transition to Client Server Class 1 Mar NY IBM Executive Forum on Client/Server 5 Apr TX Q1047 DCE Installation and Implementation 3 Apr MA Q1008 AIX Network Services - NFS, NIS, DNS 1 Apr MA Q1061 OSF DCE Features and Functionality 1 Apr MA Q1042 AIX/6000 Encina Overview 1 Apr MA U3937 Planning for CICS/6000 1 May NY IBM Executive Forum on Client/Server 3 May MA Q1064 OSF DCE Application Programming 1 Jul NY IBM Executive Client/Server Forum 5 Aug MA Share in Boston - speaker for 2 papers 3 Aug MA DCE Developers Conference 1 Sep NY Speaker at IBM Executive Forum on Client/server 3 Sep TX Message Queuing Installation on AIX 4 Oct MA SL100 Introduction 1 Nov NY Speaker at Managing the Transition to Client/server class 1 Nov NY IBM Executive forum on Client/Server 4 Nov TX Dazel Pilot Installation Class 5 Dec FL CMG '94 Conference - speaker for 1 paper & a workshop 5/20 Bsc in Computer Information Systems SUNY GBCMG Board member - secretary CMG US '94 Conference Committee - Registration, referee, editorial review board, security CMG US '95 Conference Committee - Administrative Chair Chair of MA DCE Users Group Publications - Share - 'Issues involved in implementing DCE' Share - 'Configuring AIX for the MVSer' CMG - 'Configuring a DCE cell for performance' CMG - 'Issues involved in Implementing DCE' 1993 5 Oct FL Networking Systems Technical Conference 3 Nov MA Q1028 AIX Performance Management 5 Dec CA CMG '93 Conference GBCMG Board member - secretary CMG US '93 Conference Committee - Busing, security, editorial review board Publications - GBCMG - 'MVS and UNIX - are they really that different?' 1992 3 Aug MA Q1014 Basic AIX Administration 5 Aug MA Q1016 Advanced AIX Administration 5 Sep NY IBM Large Systems Performance Conference - speaker 5 Dec NV CMG '92 Conference - speaker GBCMG Board member - secretary Publications - IBM - 'VSAM Tuning' IBM - 'Migrating from MVS/XA to ESA' CMG - 'VSAM Tuning' 1991 5 Apr NY MVS/ESA Technical Conference 5 Jul PA MVS/ESA class 3 Jul MVS/XA to ESA v4 Update 5 Oct NY Large systems performance conference 5 Dec TN CMG '91 conference Training prior to arriving in the US 1990 JPY J.P. Young - Negotiation Skills CMGNZ Board member - Treasurer/secretary 1989 HDS Capacity Planning CMGNZ Board member - Treasurer/secretary 1988 CMGNZ Board member - Treasurer/secretary 1987 CMGNZ Board member - Treasurer/secretary 1986 Int. Intershake Networking Monitor JPY J.P. Young's Developing Managers Course 1985 IBM 308X Problem Determination 1983 MSA MSA Vsam class 1982 Datacomm Datacomm architecture Interfaces and protocols IBM Melbourne - MSNF Installation IBM People Management IBM RACF Introduction 1981 IBM IMS/DB/DC Concepts IBM MVS Diagnostic Approach IBM Net04 Network Problem Determination IBM ISP - SNA Logical Data Flow IBM ISP - ACF/Vtam and related host traces IBM ISP - ACF Network Operator Training IBM ISP - MSNF Introduction VUW Trends in Networking - Victoria University IBM Net07 NCCF/NPDA Implementation 1980 IBM SMP Workshop IBM SNA Introduction IBM VTAM Concepts IBM SNA Concepts for programmers VAI MVS Dumps IBM ACF/VTAM Control and flow - Australia IBM SNA Installation 1979 IBM 3790 Programming Raytheon PTS1200 Programming Housley Intershake Monitor Class IBM Assembler Programming IBM ACF/VTAM Installation 1978 IBM IMS Concepts Workshop IBM IMS/DB Applications Programming 1977 GCC CSD Induction Course CIT EDP Appreciation Polytech 6 week COBOL Programming class

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