Images of Kelly and Phil on their special day... in Wilton, New Zealand

Telegram from Jaqui and Pete

Yes Mike, you should read that bit out so that people know who the message is from!

Congratulations Kelly and Phil!!! You know, we would have loved to have been there to share your special day, and to bask in the glory and splendor of such a magnificent couple...

You know... picturesque Wilton in the glorious New Zealand summer sun.

...what else would we be talking about!!!

Seriously... we're sure you guys look just fabulous!!! Send pictures... we promise they they'll be on the Internet... before you know it :-)

Well Phil, I guess today your official BORG designation changes from being five-of-five to two-of-two... this may change later on to something like three-of-three or seven-of-seven... but you should talk to Rich about how to multiply your designation. Apparently, there's something about a watermelon and a balloon... Hey, don't ask us, we haven't figured it out either!!!

Remember, your official designation is now two-of-two not one-of-two! Don't forget who's boss. You know how Kelly would say it:

"What's yours is mine and what's ours is mine."

in other words... "I'm number one and you're number two."

Marriage is a wonderful institution, you always know your place!

and hey... don't forget Valentines day on Monday or do you plan to start as a true Nelson will continue!

Now you're married...

Don't forget your place!

Best wishes and lots of love,

Jaqui and Pete

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