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Pete's Wicked Info

Well it was bound to happen... the Wicked Wife finally digitized me and now all can see how wickedly ugly I am!

Pete comes from Wellington, New Zealand - a place where real men play rugby, real women play netball and real sheep are frightened. (Reality is a difficult concept for sheep!) - but he now works and lives at MIT.

If my office had a window - it would look something like this:

Live image provided by Open Market
Boston Camera View

According to the Wicked Wife I am a professional student. However, I have done a little work teaching and being a Patent Attorney. I got to work on some cool stuff like time division multiplexed telephone exchange switches and the light and sound LEGO! I have to say, the work on the LEGO was a little easier! I also worked on patents for a few small companies like NASA, Mitsubishi, IBM, Fujitsu, Ericsson, Alcatel, Rockwell, TRW, United Technologies, Emerson Electric, Imperial Chemical Industries, 3M, Mobil, Chevron... ...looks like most of them are on the web now, Emerson Electric, is a Global 500 electronics, electrical equipment company without a home page! (as far as I could tell on June 6, '96 using the standard search engines)... Anyway, Pete's looking for another job! He plans to finish at MIT at the end of January 1998. If you're interested, check out Pete's Wicked Resume. Something in the Boston area would be nice as the wicked wife wants to stay at Boston College, where she gets to play with cool toys. However, all reasonable offers will be considered!

Pete currently works in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT...

Go to Pete's Wicked Simulations if you want to know about my research interest in Monte Carlo Simulations of polymeric and surfactant systems. (That's mostly oils, waxes and soaps!).

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