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18 07 2013

Thu, 18 Jul 2013

July 18, 2013 Thought I would provide some useful links that people have been asking me for Forsythe Talks 1. Forsythe - www.forsythe.com 2. Our Forsythe Talks series of Technical Talks 3. Replays of Our Forsythe Talks series of Technical Talks IBM Systems Magazine Articles 1. Charlie Cler 2. Andy Goade 3. Jaqui Lynch Other User Groups 1. PowerVM UK User Group Presentations 2. US AIX User Group Presentations Jay Kruemke Jay Kruemke Twitter chromeaix 1. Jay's Twitter feed 2. Jay's blog for technical advocates Nigel Griffiths Nigel's Twitter feed Nigel's aixpert Blog Nigel's Youtube Channel Connecting You can connect to me on Linkedin, facebook or via email I have a twitter account but rarely if ever use it 1. Facebook 2. Email: aixperformance@facebook.com or performance@circle4.com Useful Tools 1. HMC Scanner 2. Workload Estimator 3. AIX Performance Home 4. AIX Performance Tools 5. VIOS Advisor 6. IBM Systems Energy Estimator 7. IBM SPT (Systems Planning Tool) nmon links 1. nmon wiki 2. nmon analyser wiki 3. nmon consolidator wiki

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