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03 12 2007

Mon, 03 Dec 2007

Latest Set of General Purpose AIX v5.3 Tunables Please ensure you test these first before implementing in production as your mileage may vary Network no -p -o rfc1323=1 no -p -o sb_max=1310720 no -p -o tcp_sendspace=262144 no -p -o tcp_recvspace=262144 no -p -o udp_sendspace=65536 no -p -o udp_recvspace=655360 nfso -p -o rfc_1323=1 nfso -p -o nfs_socketsize=600000 nfso -p -o nfs_tcp_socketsize=600000 Memory Settings vmo -p -o minperm%=5 vmo -p -o maxperm%=90 vmo -p -o maxclient%=90 vmo -p -o minfree=1000 vmo -p -o maxfree=1200 vmo -p -o lru_file_repage=0 vmo -p -o lru_poll_interval=10 Leave strict_maxperm and strict_maxclient at their defaults IO Settings Leave minpgahead and J2_minPageReadAhead at their defaults of 2 ioo -p -o j2_maxPageReadAhead=128 ioo -p -o maxpgahead=16 ioo -p -o j2_nBufferPerPagerDevice=1024 ioo -p -o hd_pbuf_cnt=1024 ioo -p -o numfsbufs=2048 ioo -p -o pv_min_pbuf=1024 #### this is the 5.3 value - below is the one for 5.2 ### ioo -p -o pv_min_pbuf=1024 If doing lots of raw I/O you may want to change lvm_bufcnt Default is 9 ioo -p -o lvm_bufcnt=12 Others left to default that you may want to tweak include: ioo -p -o numclust=1 ioo -p -o j2_nRandomCluster=0 ioo -p -o j2_nPagesPerWriteBehindCluster=32 ioo -p -o j2_maxRandomWrite=32 ioo -p -o maxrandwrt=32 These are starting points only Other areas to look at tuning: Fiber cards Check out max_xfer_size - 0x100000 is 16mb dma, 0x200000 is 128mb dma For heavy I/O you may want to change this to 128mb hdisks Check out queue_depth. If seeing sqfull on iostat -D then increase queue_depth if your disk subsystem allows it

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