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29 05 2006

Mon, 29 May 2006

Using and Obtaining nmon Nmon is available for AIX and Linux (x86 and Power) Download the latest nmon for AIX v5.3 from http://www-941.ibm.com/collaboration/wiki/display/WikiPtype/nmon You will need to gunzip it and untar it I untar it to /usr/local/perf Then run nmon_aix53 as follows: cd /usr/local/perf nmon_aix53 -fT -c 30 -s 240 This will cause nmon to run for about 2 hours gathering data - the output will be put in /usr/local/perf Once it is finished (check using ps -ef | grep nmon) then use nmon analyzer and MS Excel to analyze the output nmon analyser can be found at: http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/eserver/articles/nmon_analyser/index.html or http://www-941.haw.ibm.com/collaboration/wiki/display/WikiPtype/nmonanalyser You can find out more about nmon at Nigel Griffiths' online workshop at: http://www-941.ibm.com/collaboration/wiki/display/WikiPtype/nmon+Introduction+Workshop

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